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 – Price is for up to six people


NOTE: Pegasus does not plan tours for your Derby week (1st week in May) due to constraints at distilleries. However, you may plan your own tours and we will be delighted to provide your transportation!


Dates Available - Wednesday thru Sunday, year-round

A Sasha's Best Small Batch Tour

  • Tickets for tours/tastings, available behind-the-scene experiences, luxury transportation with your own chauffeur!


    Immerse yourself in the rich history and heritage of 3 Kentucky bourbon craft distilleries on this truly unique private sightseeing tour. Relax and sip rare spirits with distillers and expert guides knowing the driving and logistics are managed by your dedicated host. 

    Your personally committed local chauffeur/host will guide you throughout the day to ensure a truly impeccable day trip. They will lead you to 3 distilleries known for their small batch crafted bourbons. Whiskey Thief, Stitzel-Weller and Kentucky Artisan Distillery home of Jefferson’s Reserve Bourbon. From tastings straight from the barrel at Whiskey Thief to behind the scenes experiences at the famous prohibition-era Stitzel-Weller Distillery your group will see it all! Tastings, tours, and a base gratuity are included in cost. Depending on your itinerary and groups individual diet restrictions we plan a lunch respectively. Lunch and distillery gift shop purchases are not included in cost. 

    NOTE: We offer options to customize your day. Please contact us after booking if you would like to customize your day or make changes.  

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