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Rev Up for the Bourbon Odyssey of a Lifetime! 

Prepare to be pampered in pure luxury with our Custom Classic Full-Day Kentucky Bourbon Tour. Imagine you and your crew cruising in style, chauffeured like celebrities in our plush vehicles, embarking on a grand quest for the most exquisite spirits Kentucky has to offer.


Tailored to Your Taste - Our dedicated tour maestros are passionate about making your day unforgettable. They’ll craft an adventure that’s as unique as your palate, ensuring every moment is packed with delight and discovery.


A Journey Through Time and Taste - Whether you’re drawn to the storied halls of time-honored distilleries or the bold flavors of avant-garde bourbon crafters, we’ve got your backstage pass to the Kentucky bourbon elite.


Sip, Savor, and Soar - Unwind and let the world fade away as you indulge in a symphony of flavors. From the first golden drop to the last lingering note, you’ll be immersed in the artistry that is bourbon-making.


So, raise your glass to a day of elegance, excitement, and exploration. Join us for a journey where every sip tells a story, and every moment becomes a cherished memory in the heart of bourbon country.

Book Your Bourbon Adventure Today! 🎉


To see a list of area Distileries please click HERE

Custom Classic Full-Day Kentucky Bourbon Tour

PriceFrom $1,135.00
    • Your dedicated chauffeur host and luxury transportation
    • Custom full-day itinerary sculpted to your preferences
    • Three distillery choices 
    • Tour and tasting scheduled in advance at three distilleries 
    • Pickup and drop off at your hotel or bed and breakfast at no extra cost in either Louisville, Lexington, Bardstown and much of the bluegrass region. Once you book, we will work directly with you to customize your start time and itinerary
    • Base Gratuity for Chauffeur/host
    • Private VIP black car transportation for the entire experience
    • Lunch reservations optional 
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