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Kentucky Crafted Taste

Unleash Your Inner Bourbon Maestro! 

Pegasus invites you to a full-day bourbon odyssey that transcends mere tours—it’s a symphony of flavor, craftsmanship, and liquid alchemy. Buckle up, fellow bourbon aficionados, because this adventure is about to ignite your senses!


Witness the Art of Bourbon-Making

At J. Mattingly, the air hums with secrets. Step into our hallowed halls, where centuries-old traditions blend seamlessly with innovation. Here’s what awaits you:

  • Immersive Journey: Our comprehensive tour unveils the soul of bourbon. From grain to barrel, witness the magic unfold.
  • Craft Your Own Bourbon: Brace yourself for the pièce de résistance—the “Blend Your Own Bourbon Experience.” This isn’t just a visit; it’s a plunge into the very essence of bourbon.
  • Alchemy Unleashed: Channel your inner alchemist. Mix, match, and create your signature blend. The spirits whisper their secrets as you blend with finesse.


Buffalo Trace: Where Legends Roam

But wait, the adventure continues! Hop aboard our bourbon chariot as we journey to Buffalo Trace, where history echoes in every creaking barrel. Here’s your backstage pass:

  • Time Capsule: Buffalo Trace is more than a distillery—it’s a living time capsule. Explore historic warehouses, where bourbon dreams slumber.
  • Tasting Notes: Sip from the well of wisdom. Sample rare bourbons, each with a tale etched in oak.
  • Whiskey Thief: Our crescendo awaits! At Whiskey Thief, unleash your taste buds. The full tasting experience is a symphony of flavors—rich, bold, and unforgettable.


Calling All Frankfort and Lexington Explorers!


Attention, groups originating in Frankfort or Lexington: This is your golden ticket! Gather your tribe, raise your glasses, and let the bourbon flow.


Ready to blend, bottle, and savor? Reserve your spot now!


Book Your Bourbon Adventure

Remember, bourbon isn’t just a drink—it’s a legacy waiting to be written. Let’s raise our glasses to bold choices, shared laughter, and the amber elixir that binds us all. Cheers!

Kentucky Crafted Taste

PriceFrom $1,135.00
    • Your dedicated chauffeur host and luxury transportation
    • Custom full-day itinerary sculpted to your preferences
    • Tour and tasting scheduled in advance at the distilleries 
    • Pickup and drop off at your hotel or bed and breakfast at no extra cost in either Louisville, Lexington, Bardstown and much of the bluegrass region. Once you book, we will work directly with you to customize your start time and itinerary
    • Base Gratuity for Chauffeur/host
    • Private VIP black car transportation for the entire experience
    • Lunch reservations optional 
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